5 ways to make money in Canada

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As you know, a lot of money does not happen. Most of the time there is little money or not at all. Even if you live in Canada and especially if you are a student. Or you just, after work, do not know what to do at home? This article is for you! We have collected a few UNUSUAL ways of earning extra money in Canada for students and just for those who have extra dollars in their pockets will not be superfluous.

About work in fast food chains like “Tim Hortons”, “McDonalds”, etc. we will not talk, since this is quite a normal way of working for students and those who need money. So let’s begin. Selling unwanted items on private ad sites like Kijiji.ca or Craigslist. These sites contain millions of ads selling everything in the world (except for things prohibited by law). Sell ​​everything you don’t need. You can even BUY some of the things on these sites and SELL AGAIN on the same sites. Buy a battered car for 100 and sell it for parts for 1000 and it really works!

Work at events. This job is more suitable for young people. Not everyone can stand at the booth at the exhibition for a whole day or run around the pavilions, but the amount of 50-100 per day will help you find the strength for all this. For example, a link to the agency’s website, where you can fill out a form and wait for an invitation to work. Become a “Secret Buyer”! Yes, for this you need to know English or French at a sufficient level to fill out work reports, but this work is very interesting and unusual! You can register on the Sassie Mystery Shopping or Consumer Connection sites and, by the way, very often, these companies will compensate you for purchases made for your money, that is, you will not only earn money, but also risk to get some things that you have long dreamed of for free!

This method is more suitable for girls, especially for those who love night clubs. We will not talk in detail about him and how to get a job, you can find out for yourself The next time you are at a party in one of the major clubs in Toronto, ask the girls in the toilet how they got here and many will answer that they are paid for simply coming to the club. However, be careful and cautious, we warned you. As you know, a lot of American films shot in Canada. This is due to the relatively low cost of filming in relation to the United States. And you can become part of the film industry, or rather become a movie star. But, for a start, you have to be in the crowd, the “stars” of the crowd get about 11 per hour. So, we read the manual “How to become an actor of extras”