Canadian Batman exists!

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Many of those who live in the Toronto area, especially in Brampton, could see the real Batman from the movie on the real Batmobile! Let’s find out more about it! Let’s start with photos of the Batmobile on the streets of the city. There are a lot of photos of the car, there are video recordings, because such an unusual car attracts a huge amount of attention. The police also love this car very much, because the police are people too, and they also love movies and comics with Batman!

In fact, “Canadian Batman” is called Stephen Lawrence (Stephen Lawrence), he is 39 years old and lives in Brampton. It all started with the fact that earlier, in Markham High School (Ontario), he wore dark clothes and a black coat and friends began to call him Batman, while all the boys were crazy about superheroes. And now 14-year-old Stephen began to practice martial arts and even ninja art (ninjutsu). A few years later, a terrible thing happened Stephen’s father won out. Then Stephen and began to wear a homemade costume of Batman and disappear at night on the street. The death of his father made Stephen think that his fate is very similar to the fate of his hero Bruce Wayne (Batman) and then Stephen decided to devote himself entirely to this.

For him, it was a way to change his life, he went out in his first Batman costume and it helped him psychologically. Stephen has a dream Batmobile! Stephen’s friend once saw such a car on the streets of Toronto and eventually Stephen met a man who made such cars in Orangeville, Ontario. Stephen started saving money to buy his Batmobile. Instead of going by bus to work, he walked. He walked in Batman costume from the night shift (he worked at the Coca-Cola plant) and walked 2.5 hours home (about 10 km)

During such “walks”, many people came across him on the way, someone liked his costume, some didn’t. Often, the police stopped him with checks, but he told them, “I walk on foot to raise money for the Batmobile, and he would be very grateful if they would not stop him every two minutes.” Once the thieves made their way into Stephen’s house in Brampton and stole a lot of things, Stephen put some of the money he received on insurance to buy a car. And now, a couple of years ago, Stephen still bought his Batmobile!