Cowboy’s holiday Stampede in Canada

Cowboy’s holiday Stampede in Canada post thumbnail image
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 More recently, the world famous cowboy holiday, Stampede, ended in Calgary. Much has been written about him everywhere parade, rodeo, various cowboy events, concerts, fireworks And for a year now I want to tell those who haven’t seen it all about stamped breakfasts. And there is no time and no. Today I have collected my thoughts and write about it, while the spirit of celebration is still flying in the city.

In the first year of our life here, Lily and I, of course, attended the parade, the rodeo, and Stampeed Park with all its activities, and the final concert, and fireworks. Our dad, unfortunately, did not see either the parade or the rodeo. Have worked. But, thanks to his work, he constantly ate lunchtime steaks and pancakes with maple syrup during these holidays. And then I’ve been pretty telling us about it From the very first time, as Lilya and I got on the stampede breakfast 3 years ago and still, I cannot hide surprise and admiration. Maybe Canadians are already used to the fact that from time to time, all residents and guests of Calgary are fed and entertained free of charge. And for us it is a wonderful miracle. This year, realizing that we are again not getting anywhere because of the work, since everything mostly passes in our working time, we decided to attend at least festive breakfasts. Not that I really wanted to eat It’s just so easy to feel this Stampid spirit on these collective gatherings! And live music is here for you, and the orchestra, and quite tasty free Food, and various smart people around, and kids in cowboy hats and boots In general, we like it. Lily found the schedule for these breakfasts on the Internet, we looked on the ground, so it was close to home. And at the appointed hour went satisfied and fun to have breakfast.

Once we visited the Plaza Cirocco. The second is on Signal Hill. And again for myself they decided that we all like these shows. And you need to get out more often for such events next to the house of the whole family! On Sirocco, everything was better: happy girls and their orchestra, who played modern tunes, roamed the plaza back and forth and performed all sorts of funny movements to the beat: Especially attracted the attention of one large girl with plates. Well, roughly speaking, lit

There was also a big stage with singers and a musical group. Our dad, the biggest lover of such food in our family, immediately sat on the parapet, as all the tables, of course, were occupied.  It was very pleasant that always, first of all, the organizers of such events organize children’s leisure. What was there for the children: a bunch of animals in cages and pens, a flock of cute sheep and goats in the aviary, horses and small ponies for riding, some kind of wooden constructions for lasso throwing, inflatable skipping ropes, disguised large dolls, painting children’s faces Totally and I do not remember!