Knight Tournament in Canada

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Today I will talk about the event that I was able to attend. It is called “Medieval Times” or Medieval times in our opinion. As you guessed from the name, the essence of the event refers to the Middle Ages with its magnificent feasts, kings, princesses and knightly duels. Dip in the Middle Ages in Toronto at 10 Dufferin St Exhibition Place, So, having bought tickets in advance, we arrived at the address. The room is decorated in the form of a medieval castle, with tapestries on the walls and other artifacts of the time, including knightly armor and stuffed animals. But we do not linger here, but go straight to the arena

We take places according to the purchased tickets, we get the yellow-red sector. The arena is divided into sectors by color, red-black, yellow-red, yellow-black, green and blue. This division is due to the fact that knights participating in the tournament have the same coloring of their armor. Thus, each sector has its own knight and supports him in every possible way. Taking their seats, everyone saw before him this. Since medieval knightly tournaments were most often accompanied by no less medieval feasts, all guests take an active part in these feasts and tournaments.

After the plates were filled with food, they looked like this. You need your hands, since we are in the Middle Ages, and there were no devices yet. (but for those who disdained and Krivorukov they brought modern devices) However, before the beginning of the performance, the “right hand” announced to the audience that there were birthday men, newlyweds and other joyful medieval residents who came to the tournament to celebrate their holiday. (Birthdays have a discount on tickets by the way). The right hand calls everyone by name and, upon hearing his name, the birthday man, along with his guests, begins to rejoice violently)

After one of the knights turns out to be in the sand of the arena, a battle begins on swords, maces, axes with axes and other attributes of medieval martial arts. The beauty that received the flower faints and takes a selfie on a soup bowl with this flower. And finally, the most interesting phase of the presentation. Battle of the Knights! It begins with a fight on spears. Everyone saw him in the movie, when two knights rush on a horse along the barrier trying to push the enemy with a spear. That’s how it looks In the beginning there were several “contests” for agility. The knights had to throw spears and collect various items while driving at full gallop with their stallions. The winner of the competition was determined by the princess, who from her royal box gave flowers to the knights.